Keeping Production with the ECM Who Does Your Electronics Prototyping

Keeping Production with the ECM Who Does Your Electronics Prototyping

The world of electronics, prototyping and manufacturing can be a complicated place. Some companies choose to have one ECM do a prototype and another do the production run. While some believe this is a smart move, there are many benefits associated with hiring a company that does everything under one roof. It is possible to save significant money and time by starting with an ECM who does prototypes in house and can also handle your production run. After all, you already trust their prototyping skills; why not also trust their assembly?

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Sticking with your electronics prototyping ECM for manufacturing has some clear advantages. There is no learning curve. They assisted in design and assembled your prototype. They know how and why it was designed, and why it works the way it does. You’ll get an even bigger bonus if they have on-site engineers. Assembly houses will often go back to the customer and question design and prototype decisions. That slows down production as they wait for answers from the prototype manufacturer. Keeping everything under one roof eliminates the back and forth that can result in longer lead times.

In addition, from prototype to production, the lines of communication are still open if there are any issues. Communication plays a key role in the relationships between you and your partner ECM. You already work well together. You have established communication and points of contact. Why start from square one? Sticking with one ECM will save you valuable time and money.

Reduced Costs

A good ECM with good engineering and good purchasing can help you reduce costs. Outsourcing various services means a longer supply chain, higher shipping costs, multiple fabrication stops, and longer lead times. All of that really adds up. By eliminating outside vendors and processes, your project partner can more efficiently develop the solutions you need without the slow downs you typically experience when outsourcing various parts of the process. Sticking with one ECM gets you access to their vetted network of suppliers with trusted parts at lower prices. You also eliminate the tooling costs associated with moving to another production house. When you do everything under one roof, you drop the price tag considerably.

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Quality Assurance

When an ECM offers a variety of services all at one shop, it gives them greater quality control over your end product. Your manufacturing partner will make sure all of your stringent standards are met from start to finish. It also eliminates any oversight that could occur as your product is handed from one company to another. This is especially true when you work with an ECM that has gone the extra mile to earn and maintain quality certifications.

It is worth it to work with a company that can provide you with one-stop services for design, development and manufacturing. You streamline the entire process by keeping production with the ECM that handles your electronics prototyping.

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