ITAR Compliance in PCB Manufacturing

When looking for an ECM for PCB manufacturing, it may be important to look for an ECM who is ITAR compliant. Although not every industry requires ITAR compliance, a company that follows the ITAR guidelines is a company that can be trusted to always be in compliance with any regulatory needs, and that can be a benefit to your next project.

ITAR Compliance in PCB Manufacturing

What is ITAR Compliance?

ITAR is a regulatory system that aims at controlling and restricting the export of military and defense technologies. Being ITAR compliant ensures that the technical data for building a PCB is restricted in the case that the design will be used in a defense product that is on the USML (United States Munitions List). You cannot export or share that data with someone from another country. The data includes the technical drawings, artwork, CNC data, netlist information, manufacturing specifications, and ODB++ data. Manufacturers cannot sell their PCB unless they have been certified, and neither can distributors or wholesalers. Only American citizens can access articles and the technical data of items in USML, and giving them to any foreign entity is considered a criminal offense.

ITAR Provides Legality

When you are in compliance with ITAR, it ensures that your PCB is working within the law. It can be difficult for a company to keep detailed information on their website or available to customers related to ITAR compliance. For example, guidance systems can be sold, but not the technical data of those guidance systems. Companies who are involved in any sort of research and development that may be under the umbrella of the USML should always work with an ITAR compliant ECM. Even if you are not working with products under that umbrella, you can be sure that an ITAR compliant company is always working within the law and your company will not be at risk. Penalties for non-compliance are severe and non-compliant practices should always be avoided.

ITAR Ensures Better Security

Being ITAR compliant ensures that your intellectual property is safe. Since ITAR regulations are among the strictest, you will know that your ECM has the right security to guard your intellectual property and will ensure the safety of your design and build. You will always be able to prove that your intellectual property is your own and other companies will not be able to claim it.

ITAR Gives You Peace of Mind

When you are ITAR compliant, you can relax and run your business without risk. If you are not compliant, you will always be worried about government checks and potential repercussions. When you are working with an ITAR compliant ECM, you know you are working within legal and secure bounds.

Any company that designs, manufactures, or sells PCBs needs to have ITAR compliance, even if some of the projects are not regulated by ITAR. In addition, the supply chain your PCBA utilizes should also be ITAR compliant. If you are creating a PCB for any product in the USML, ITAR compliance is mandatory. If you are ever unsure if you need to be ITAR compliant, work with your ECM to check everything against the USML and always work within the right regulations. It tells anyone who might need to know that you have reviewed every aspect of your product and are abiding by the law.

Working with the right ECM who is ITAR compliant is the best way to ensure that your PCB is set up for success. As an industry leader, Levison Enterprises adheres to the strict regulations and standards of many certifications to provide the best PCB manufacturing and assembly available. Our turnkey service will be an incredible asset to your next project. Contact us today for a quote.