Is Your ECM Working With You or For You?

You want an electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) dedicated to your success who can provide innovative contributions to your project right from the start. After years of industry experience, they have knowledge you don’t. Are they dedicated to being an extension of your team or are you just another project moving through the line?

When considering an ECM, remember you’re looking for a partner, not just a service provider, so you need a turnkey shop who will provide insight and expertise and anticipate your needs throughout every project.

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Non-Disclosure Statement

Make sure your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is solid and has no holes that could compromise your company. The NDA is the sole binding legal document preventing anyone from stealing your product blueprints and ideas and selling or producing them elsewhere.

The NDA will also outline the relationship you can expect with your ECM, including the types of projects, project capability, cost, delivery, and many other crucial aspects of your business with the ECM. It’s important not to disclose too much information about your project before you sign an ironclad NDA with a trusted ECM.

Experience with Similar Projects

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One of the greatest mistakes you can make is not selecting an ECM because of their experience with electronics in your industry out of fear that they will work for your competition. If you’re in aerospace, find an ECM with experience building projects for other aerospace companies. If you’re in healthcare, find an ECM that creates electronics and circuit boards for hospitals.

Experience in your specific industry demonstrates their ability to handle projects like yours. Do your research to determine what previous clients the ECM has worked with in the past, as well as testimonials and results. Prior experience with similar clients to yourself will give you reassurance and confidence in knowing the ECM is a good fit.

Communication Skills and Responsiveness

Communication is key, so if a prospective ECM isn’t answering or returning phone calls, or doesn’t have time to meet for an interview, move on. To ensure an ECM is working for you, there needs to be consistent communication and responsiveness. Together, you and your ECM should operate as a team that prioritizes transparency and honesty throughout every stage of the project.

Your ECM should share your goals, sense of urgency, and the successful outcome of your company to the same degree as you do. It’s not too much to expect an ECM to respond promptly to your queries, behave professionally, and strive to make the best decisions for your project.

Personalized Solutions

Your company is one of a kind with specific needs and goals. To ensure your ECM will work for you, find one that provides personalized solutions tailored to your business needs. While you may share similarities with other companies in your industry, your ECM should view you as their only client. Successful outsourcing of your project relies and depends upon your ability to trust your partner to come up with personalized solutions.

More Than Design

Trust Your Instincts

It’s important to go with your initial gut instinct about an ECM. You are choosing a partner who will become an integral part of your plan. You aren’t searching for just anyone to fill your ECM needs but rather seeking a company you can depend on to be there for you when you need them. Finding the right ECM can boost business by increasing the quality of your electronic products which will leave a positive, lasting impression on your customers.

Need Help Finding an ECM?

Finding the right ECM partner is the key to a successful project outcome. When searching for an ECM, it’s important to do your homework by asking the right questions and trusting your instincts. You want an ECM partner with excellent communication skills who will go to great lengths to ensure your project is being handled with the utmost consideration and care. You can be confident your project is in the best hands with Levison Enterprises. We offer turnkey electronic contract manufacturing services, complete with design and engineering capabilities to build reliable, high-functioning PCBs for every application. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.