Is Your ECM Robust Enough to Build for the Military?

Is Your ECM Robust Enough to Build for the Military?

Tough, accurate, rugged, precise – these are all words that come to mind when talking about the military. But how do they translate to military-grade electronic assemblies? Only the most tenacious ECM with a mastery of electronic assembly can live up to unique military standards and deliver a product with proven precision.

Military-grade electronic assemblies go into products that are put through their paces in demanding environments on land, in the air, and at sea. They need to have outstanding functionality. They must also be compatible with developing technology.

Is your ECM ready for the challenge?


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Valuable knowledge of designing and producing military electronic assemblies can only be gained with years of experience. Only an ECM with experience will be able to handle a military and defense-grade project. It is this expertise that enables engineers to truly understand the importance of high performance, reliability, and extreme environmental tolerances required of military-grade circuit boards. Plus, an experienced ECM will already be familiar with rigorous military requirements.

High Standards

A nation’s military is known for its incredibly high standards. Your ECM shouldn’t be any different. A contract manufacturer must stand for top-notch quality when producing military electronic assemblies. Aerospace and military-grade electronic assemblies require special considerations in terms of design, fabrication, and assembly in order to provide continual performance in uncommonly harsh environments.

Quality Certifications

An ECM’s broad-based technical expertise will be reflected in its quality certifications. ITAR registration shows a manufacturer meets or exceeds all major military and aerospace requirements in regards to the handling of defense-related materials, while AS9100 and ISO 9001 show high reliability with products that are consistently built to the highest standards possible.

Vetted Supplier Networks

When manufacturing military-grade electronic assemblies, it is extremely important to have a secure supply chain. This is why it is imperative to work with an ECM with a vetted network of trusted supplies. You cannot run the risk of poor quality or counterfeit components and parts being used in your build. Your manufacturer must have detailed traceability when sourcing materials to meet aerospace & defense industry demands.

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Customer Service & Trust

Working in a demanding industry, such as the military, means you need more than just an electronic contract manufacturer. You need an extension of your team. Your ECM must be someone you can trust with your designs and trade secrets. You need a manufacturing partner. With this in mind, choose an ECM with impeccable customer service. If they are worthy, they won’t mind being put through their paces while working on your military-grade electronic assemblies.

At Levison Enterprises, we see ourselves as a partner. We only succeed if you succeed. Our quality certifications and experience in the defense industry make us highly qualified for your military electronic projects. Levison specializes in turning concepts into reality. Contact us for a quote today.