Is Your ECM Capable of Military Grade Cable Assembly?

Levison has a solid history of working with the government and military on various projects, including cable assembly work.

Cables aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of military electronics. However, defense devices are useless without a way to power them. Enter the cable assembly. They can be used or anything from military ground equipment and field communication links to remote weapons control links and marine and airborne systems.

Military cable assemblies must be rugged, dependable, and of high signal integrity. They also must meet defense and military requirements for extreme environmental situations. But not all electronic contract manufacturers can successfully build a cable assembly that lives up to military standards. Pay close attention to an ECM’s qualifications before partnering with them for your next military cable assembly project.

Understanding a Cable Assembly Box Build Square

It’s hard to tell the difference in cable assembly manufacturers before understanding a cable assembly itself. A cable assembly is a collection of wires and cables that are bound together by an external sleeve that insulates them. They are extremely sturdy and very well-suited for handling a large amount of electrical current and they’re great for outdoor applications. Cable assemblies are also easier to work with and route into multiple locations because the wires are bound together. They can also be designed to meet the specific demands of a particular environment, such as the harsh conditions found in military usage.

Advantages of cable assemblies include:

• Convenient and flexible design for routing purposes.

• Designed for outdoor applications.

• Can handle larger electrical loads.

• Durable enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Finding a Military Grade ECM

When building cable assemblies for the military, you need a robust manufacturer that can handle the job. There are three main areas you will want to examine:

  • Certifications Specific to Government and Military

A contract manufacturer’s certifications will indicate if they can handle your military or aerospace cable assembly project. ITAR compliance is required for military and aerospace PCB assembly. It protects sensitive information relating to the design and production of military and intelligence products. ISO 9001 certification shows high reliability with products that are consistently built to the highest standards possible.

Cable & Wire Harness
  • Vetted Supply Network

You do not want your supply chain to be at risk when working on a government or defense project. Your ECM must have a preexisting group of trusted and thoroughly vetted suppliers. This will minimize the risk of poor quality and counterfeit parts being used to manufacture your project.

  • Engineers On-site to Troubleshoot

Nothing should be left to chance when working on a military cable assembly. This is why you only want to work with an ECM with engineers in-house. They will be there to keep an eye on the manufacturing process. They will be able to spot any potential problems and correct them immediately.

You need a reliable ECM with a proven track record to handle your military cable assembly. Levison Enterprises is that company. Levison has a solid history of working with the government and military on various projects, including cable assembly work. We carry the exclusive AS9100 certification for the aerospace and defense industry that sets us apart from the competition. This certification, along with our extensive military and defense experience, makes us ready and willing to tackle your next project. Contact us today to see how we can work for you.

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