Increase Your PCB ROI with an Experienced Turnkey ECM

When you are developing the PCBs for your project, you know that your ROI is dependent on how quickly you can get your product from design to market. While many ECMs may offer these services, an experienced turnkey ECM can move you through the process more efficiently, offering everything you will need to move your design through the process to production.

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An Experience Turnkey ECM Means One Point of ContactLegacy - Square

Bouncing between different shops and contractors opens your project up to errors. Too many project managers can mean that your project isn’t truly being managed at all. A turnkey ECM puts the entire project under one roof with one point of contact for you. Prototyping, testing, reverse engineering, redesign, assembly, and manufacturing can all go through one point of contact, which will save you both time and money as your design moves through production.

Streamline Your Process

The faster your product moves through the process, the higher the ROI, but simply moving quickly isn’t how to move your product. The speed comes from streamlining your process under one roof. You won’t need to spend time and energy gathering quotes and comparing vendors for each stage of the process. If an issue arises, you have the right professionals on site to troubleshoot. Your turnkey ECM project manager will handle everything with efficiency.

You’ll Benefit From Quality Certifications, Equipment, and Suppliers

Qualified turnkey ECM partners have all the right certifications to take your project through to completion. They will have the right processes in place to meet your demands and understand the industry standards you are held to. A turnkey ECM partner is also likely to have a pre-existing group of vetted suppliers. If your ECM partner has a trusted group of suppliers, you will know that counterfeit or substandard parts will not be a concern. With vetted suppliers, the right components for your project will arrive quickly, with no delays in the process. A turnkey ECM partner will have all the equipment your project will require, with no need to further outsource the project. With a turnkey ECM, everything, from equipment to suppliers to certifications is right where you need it.

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With an Experienced Turnkey ECM, the Right Professionals are Right On-Site

PCB assembly often uncovers potential flaws in the design and issues that can develop during prototyping. With a turnkey ECM, all the right professionals are in-house. Having an in-house engineer on-site ready to make any potential changes to your design while communicating with you is a benefit that cannot be ignored. Without a turnkey ECM, any potential issues may take longer to uncover and can cause significant delays as they are outsourced for improvement. All the professionals on your turnkey ECM team will have the industry knowledge and experience to take your project through to completion.

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A turnkey ECM will keep your development, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing under one roof. A quality turnkey ECM will have the right staff and equipment on hand to handle your project every step of the way from design to delivery. If issues arise, you will have one point of contact to bring you into the solution and keep the lines of communication open. When you are looking for an ECM partner, a turnkey ECM is the right choice. Here at Levison Enterprises we understand the unique needs and regulations of a wide array of industries and our turnkey experience allows us to efficiently move your project from design to market with ease. Contact us today to learn more.