How to Identify an Electronic Manufacturer as a Box Build Assembly Partner

There are many electronic manufacturers available for your box build needs, but not all manufacturing partners are created equal. To identify a great box-build assembly partner, you will need to do some research into finding out who the partners are and how they will handle your box-build from start to finish.Close up photo of a blue printed circuit board.

Does Your Partner Offer Design Assistance?

Although you may have design capabilities on your team, it is always important to find an ECM who can offer design assistance for your box builds. Although anyone can create a CAD file, you want to find a manufacturing partner who will analyze the CAD files to ensure that they are optimized for manufacturing. Finding an ECM who offers this start-to-finish design assistance is ideal, and will fine-tune your design for the best possible manufacturing of your box build.

Does Your Assembly Partner Request Details and the BOM Right Away?

Your ECM partner should focus on all the necessary details right from the beginning. You will need to provide a great deal of information for your box build, and your ECM should work with you to make sure they have all the information. This includes the size and weight, any safety testing requirements, circuit diagrams, and the bill of materials (BOM). The best ECM partner should be proactive and ask for all this documentation early in the process.

More Than Design

Does Your Box Build Partner Have a Vetted Supply Chain and the Right Certifications?

Many industries are highly regulated, but even those who are not should have the certifications necessary to keep your product in compliance. In addition to having a team committed to maintaining certifications, having an ECM with a vetted supply chain is crucial to a quality box build. Your ECM should have a vetted supply network for the procurement of quality components. A good ECM will help you manage obsolete parts, difficult to source parts, and will always keep you informed about ways to manage your box build with the available components from quality suppliers. In today’s environment of part shortages, having an experienced, reliable ECM partner is even more important.

Does Your Partner Have the Right Knowledge and Experience in Your Industry?

A quality ECM will be able to prove to you, through reputation and history, that they have the right experience and knowledge in your industry. Before you settle on an ECM partner for your box build, take some time to investigate their history within your industry. Have they handled builds that are comparable to yours? Do they have the right certifications? Have they kept up with continuing education in new developments in technology? Finding an ECM who is an expert in your industry is key to getting a successful box build.

Does Your Partner Have What it Takes to Be a Team Member?

One of the best things you can find in an ECM partner is a turnkey, domestic facility that can handle the entire project in house. When your ECM can work with you as a singular team member without additional outsourcing, you will not miss any steps during the process and it will be much easier for them to provide you with a realistic timeline. It’s important that your ECM partner for your box build becomes an extension of your team, provides great customer service, and can provide case studies and recommendations from other satisfied customers.

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Finding the right electronic manufacturer for your box build is crucial to the success of your project. When you take the time to research potential manufacturing partners, you can know that you’ve found a partner who has everything necessary for a quality box build.

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