How to Find a Reliable ECM for Your Aerospace PCB

Aerospace Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Manufacturing

For those who didn’t see it live on television, the moon landing feels like a long time ago. However, it’s recent history as far as the technology surrounding electricity and the bending of it to our will is concerned. Since the 1950s, the aerospace industry has made leaps and bounds forward, and all those leaps have been powered by advances in printed circuit board technology.

You’ll find PCBs in everything from consumer electronics to the first satellites that achieved orbit. The difference between the PCB in your home stereo that failed after a decade of use, and satellites that are still operational after being in orbit since the 1950s are the rigorous standards that aerospace PCBs are manufactured to meet.

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Levison Enterprises is one such manufacturer, having completed numerous projects for both the government and the aerospace industry. They have attained AS9100 certification, the standard that aerospace manufacturers must meet for quality, durability, and reliability. Levison stands tall in the aerospace industry primarily due to manufacturing standards that meet or exceed the highest in the industry, but also because we are a one-stop shop for electronic contract manufacturing. From design through shipment, Levison can handle the entire project, ensuring high standards for your entire project.

The Makings of a Reliable ECM

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high-quality manufacturing Levison is able to leverage in designing, manufacturing, and delivering your aerospace PCB project.

A clear understanding of what certifications and processes apply to your project is paramount. Having some of the top certifications in the industry gives us an edge no matter what the project is. Every PCB produced by Levison Enterprises is manufactured to meet or exceed the standard that will govern its use.

It’s also important during the design phase that your theoretical PCB is being designed with a software package that can skillfully simulate the real-world conditions that your PCB will experience. Aerospace PCBs will see conditions that few others will. In addition, the design team needs to be able to simulate the detailed working environment. Multi-board setups, responses to various conditions, and power variations the PCB may experience will all go into the overall performance, and must be simulated and tested to the smallest detail.

Cable & Wire Harness

A PCB is only as good as the components it is produced from, and that’s another advantage a turnkey, robust ECM service like Levison can offer. Handling everything in-house guarantees a product free from third-party worries, like counterfeit parts or substandard assembly. Using high-quality components that can be quickly sourced takes the worry out of both quality and turnaround time.

Finally, it’s important that your manufacturer has the capability to do strenuous real-world testing on your project before it goes to final assembly. Computer simulations are fine, but there’s no substitute for the real thing. It’s also important to know what testing needs to be done.

Finding the Right ECM

The overall goal is finding an ECM partner that can encompass all the factors that go into high-quality PCB manufacturing. By handling everything in-house, Levison can put their name on projects with a confidence few manufacturers can. For your next aerospace PCB project, contact our team with the experience, tools, and customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

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