From Concept to Electronic Manufacturing: Building a Trusted Electronic Device

Your end product is only as good as your electronic manufacturer. Levison Enterprises offers design service, product packaging and shipping, and everything in between. We can help you through every step of the process from concept to manufacturing, assembly, and beyond.

Automation machine working on a printed circuit board

Design Process

The right electronic product design is imperative for creating a quality and timely product. When the basics of design get glossed over or forgotten, processes get delayed, products lack precision, and clients are left disappointed.

If you’re ready to develop and launch a new electronic device or are searching for an engineer design group to outsource to, Levison has a foolproof design process in place with a demonstrated track record of producing positive results.

Create a BOM

Your bill of materials (BOM) is a file that should include all the required information for your PCB assembly. Without a BOM in place, you risk miscommunications, problems during assembly, and revisions that may result in delays. Therefore, it’s always best to ensure your BOM is complete and accurate before beginning the manufacturing process.

If you’re unsure if your BOM contains all the necessary information, Levison Enterprises can help. With years of vast industry knowledge, a vetted network of reliable, quality suppliers, and in-house expertise to give your product a competitive edge, we can help you create your BOM.

Perform DFM

Levison can also help you create products that adhere to the strictest material and construction standards to create better finished products at lower cost. We are a full-service ECM offering an abundance of services to our clients, including performing a proper Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis.

Proper DFM analysis requires competent design, rigorous testing, and access to the latest prototyping technologies and analytical tools. With more than 100 years of combined personnel experience covering the decades of electronic technology and testing protocols, we’re confident in our ability to conduct reliable DFM analysis functions for successful results.


Prototyping is an essential stage of product development. This usable representation of your design allows you to fully understand your product. The working model allows you to test various design features, verify design functionality, and identify issues as early as possible within the development stage.

Prototyping is well worth the time, effort, and investment. If done right, prototyping allows the design to be completely optimized before full production occurs. Levison creates a usable prototype that allows for testing at an affordable price. Our on-site engineers can immediately identify areas that need improving and can make suggestions on how to make changes happen. They can find solutions before you’re even aware of the problem.

More Than Design

Full Run

Your product may look great on paper but when you prototype, you get a chance to see the real-life version. This allows you to see the design in action before you manufacture a large run. Is the product the right size, or too bulky? Does it work as expected? How easy was it to manufacture? With a full run prototype, you can avoid the design for manufacturing issues.

Packaging and Shipping

Shipping can greatly inflate your costs as overseas shipping isn’t cheap. In addition, you may be looking at a long shipping timeline. A domestic ECM, like Levison Enterprises, may be within driving distance, so the shipping or delivery is quicker and more affordable. You’ll get more options and avoid customs and tariffs.

While domestic shipping issues occur on occasion, international delays are much more common and unpredictable. Shorter lead times, save money.

Why Partner with Levison Enterprises?

When you outsource your electronic manufacturing, you need an ECM partner to provide expertise, efficiency, and a high-functioning electronic product. Levison Enterprises is the ECM partner with the experience, certifications, and technology to help you build a great device. We are a trusted electronic manufacturing service partner for any project, including highly regulated industries like medical devices, government contracts, and aerospace.

Don’t trust your project to just anyone. Choose the experienced, reliable ECM partner your device deserves. Levison provides a vetted supply chain, certified engineers on site, and as always, exceptional quality. Contact us today to learn more.

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