Finding the Right Electronic Manufacturer for Your Digital Food Testing Device

Finding the Right ECM for Your Digital Food Testing Device

Food-borne illness is a serious matter. Maintaining cleanliness, sanitization, and contamination control in a food processing plant is challenging even under perfect conditions. According to the CDC, food-borne illnesses and infections are a big public health problem in the United States. However, changes in food testing to detect harmful bacteria can curb that. Unfortunately, the modern way of testing isn’t so modern. That is why more and more companies are turning to digital solutions, and allowing technology to lend a hand in food quality control and inspections. Partnering with an electronic manufacturer can help make this happen.

Electronic tools like high-tech food temperature probes and ph-measuring devices can make a world of difference. The more sophisticated these devices are, the more reliant they become on quality circuit boards for the test and measurement industry.

Do you have a food testing device design that could prevent contaminated foods from coming off of store shelves?

Maybe you need an electronics engineering consultant to help take it to the next level. Here is what to look for in an electronics contract manufacturing partner.

Trusted Manufacturing Partner for Your DesignParts Obs - Square

When it comes to food testing and quality control, there is no room for error. Different types of scientific measuring instruments are used to carefully monitor food safety concerns. That said, you’ll need to work with an ECM that takes quality and accuracy seriously. Your food safety and inspection service tools must be extremely accurate and dependable. That means the PCB that goes into it needs to be just as, if not more, precise.

Look for a company with a proven track record of success. Quality certifications they have earned will be a big indicator of this. Your ECM should be able to provide you with its ISO and/or AS9100 certification. This will indicate your design will meet quality standards for PCB design and manufacturing. Your product will then be in compliance with all federal and regional regulations and provide superior performance for food testing.

A Trusted ECM with Vetted Suppliers

Not only do you need to trust your ECM, but you need to be able to rely on your partner’s suppliers. You absolutely do not want faulty components going into food temperature probes, serializers, pasteurizers, or other equipment meant to kill harmful bacteria to keep it from infecting food. You want an ECM with a trusted network of material vendors. This will reduce the risk of poor quality and counterfeit parts being used in your build.

Benefit of Engineers On-Site

Completing an electronics project for food testing, processing, safety, and inspection is a complicated and detailed task. It involves activities above and beyond those normally associated with PCB design and development. This is why it is extremely important to partner with an ECM who has on-site engineers. Every process that goes into the manufacturing of a food safety and inspection service device could ultimately affect the health of thousands upon thousands of people. The utmost attention to detail must be used.

More Than Design

On-site engineers will be able to monitor this. They will be able to test and troubleshoot at a moment’s notice. It also eliminates any oversight that could occur as your product is handed off to other engineers.

Low Production Run Capability

The world of food safety products is one of quality. You don’t want to go through several prototypes to find the version of your PCB that works the best. In addition, you often do not need several thousand ph-measuring devices. Food safety products are not items sold by the case. You want an ECM who is able and willing to do a low volume run. When you work with a high tech PCB manufacturer, you will get exactly the number you want and need.

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When it’s time to develop your next food testing or measurement device, contact Levison Enterprises. We have the expertise and knowledge to find solutions to the food safety industry needs. Our proven track record and quality certifications are indicators of our high level of commitment to make sure your design meets and exceeds the parameters expected for food quality control. Contact Levison today to see how we can help you on your next project.