Features Of A Partnership With An Electronic Manufacturer

Features Of A Partnership With An Electronics Manufacturer

When you are looking to partner up with an electronic manufacturer, you need more than someone to simply do a production run. You need someone you can trust to offer customized solutions to create a successful product. A production partner should be someone you can count on to be as dedicated to your assembly and manufacturing as you are. You and your CM must operate as a team. With that in mind, there are some characteristics you can count on to let you know if an electronics manufacturer is worthy of being considered as your project partner.

Experience in Manufacturing the Type of Product You Need for Your Project

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Experience counts when it comes to selecting an electronics manufacturer. Be sure the company has successfully fulfilled projects like yours. Sure, they may look good on paper and promise to save you money, but do you trust your build to be a test of a company’s capabilities? There is no substitution for real-life experience. Check around. Get references and review past projects. Doing your homework will let you know if an electronics manufacturer is right for you and will meet your needs.

Vetted Supplier Network

You want to work with an electronics manufacturer that can guarantee supply chain integrity so only the highest quality parts will be used in your product. Look for a partner with a vetted supplier network. An existing list of trusted vendors ensures transactions are safe and components are reliable while avoiding counterfeit and poor quality parts.

Dedicated Project Management

A big bonus of working with certain electronics manufacturers is the project management they provide. There are a lot of moving parts in electronic manufacturing. Allowing your CM to juggle them allows you to focus on the bigger picture. Let your CM handle scheduling, planning, and pricing. They will make sure projects are completed on time, stay within budget, and meet all of your requirements.

Engineering On Staff

Engineers and machinists must communicate in order to get your project from the drawing board to the assembly line. The process is much more successful when they all work under one roof. The engineers can identify areas that may need improving early in the process and offer suggestions on how to get it done. A CM with on-site engineers means the same people will work with your project from stage one all the way through to the finished product.

Testing In House

Testing is the only true way to determine if your project is a success. A CM with in-house testing means issues that arise are detected and corrected immediately. This will ultimately be a great time-saver. And we all know time is money.

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Get A Signed NDA: Protect You, Protect Them

There is nothing worse than worrying if your proprietary information could be compromised. That is why it is imperative you work with an electronics manufacturer that is willing to enter in to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA.) This legally binding document protects your plans from being poached and your clients from being stolen. It is also a sign your CM is truly working for you.

Choosing the right electronics manufacturing partner can mean a world of difference to the quality of your project, as well as the reputation of your business. Working with Levison Enterprises means you have a CM that works as hard as you do to meet your goals and strives for your success. We provide customized solutions for your unique needs. If you are searching for an electronics manufacturer, look no further than Levison Enterprises. Contact us today to see how we can put our experience and expertise to work for you.

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