Employee Spotlight- Kay Seiple

At Levison Enterprises, we strongly believe that our success is driven by the hard work of our employees. It’s why we like to take the time to give credit where credit is due. Today, we would like to shine a light on Kay Seiple, a production manager here at Levison Enterprises who has been with us since the very beginning.

Employee Spotlight- Kay Seiple

Kay is one of the most experienced members of our team. She started out at Electro Plasma in 1983 where she worked as a printed circuit board assembler for five years. She then transitioned to the role of PCB and Receiving Supervisor, which she held until Dave Levison promoted her to the role of Production Manager. When Dave acquired the company in 2008, he made sure to bring Kay along with him and she has been with us ever since.

As a production manager, Kay has many responsibilities. She begins her week by updating sales on product shipments. This requires regular communication with project leaders on their shipments to ensure that they are on time. Delays caused by inventory issues or customer issues must then be communicated to the sales team. Kay also works with our purchasing department in order to track part shortages or expedite parts needed for production. Kay is incredibly good at her job as a result of over three decades of experience, not to mention her exceptional communication skills. Her in-depth understanding of the production, inspection, receiving, and purchasing departments is a result of her having worked in all of them. On top of all of that, she is incredibly passionate about her job, which helps feed her coworkers passion at the same time.

Due to her experience here at Levison Enterprises, Kay has worked on many different projects. However, one project that stands out to her is the long-range radar cabinets that we built for the FAA. To Kay, this project encompassed everything that makes Levison Enterprises so special. When product failure is not an option, businesses turn to us due to our highly skilled team.

It’s not just our production team that shines, it’s every department across our organization — as Kay will readily tell you. One of the biggest challenges that our customers face within our industry is to control costs while still developing a high-quality product. Our purchasing department is one of the main reasons that we are so capable of controlling the costs, and Kay plays a key role in determining labor hours on many of our projects. It’s part of what allows us to pass the savings on to our customers and why we have such a strong relationship with our clients.

Although Kay plays an incredibly important role in the success of our company, she finds plenty of time outside of work to enjoy a fulfilling personal life. Kay spends much of her free time with her family, including her dogs. She’s also incredibly creative. Kay finds many outlets for her creativity, including painting, sketching, and working with wood.

Kay is one of our most important and loved members of the Levison Enterprises family. We value her experience in the industry and the hard work she’s put into helping us grow. She’s been with us since the very beginning and has been absolutely invaluable to our success. Thank you for your many years of service, and for many more to come.