Employee Spotlight – Dwindal Webb

Dwindal Webb

Every once in a while, we like to shine a spotlight on the people that have helped to make Levison Enterprises so successful and who continue to help drive our company forward. Today, we want to introduce you to Dwindal Webb, who works for us as a buyer material planner. It’s employees like Dwindal that help to maintain and build our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable, and high-quality electronic manufacturing partner.

As a buyer material planner, Dwindal is responsible for ordering the parts and items that we need, including all MRO (maintenance, repair, and operation) and MRP (material resource planning) items. When our sales personnel place orders, it’s Dwindal who places the order and makes sure the parts arrive by the time that they will be needed for every phase of an assembly or build. As you can imagine, this is an incredibly important job with a huge amount of responsibility. He’s a big reason why we rarely fall behind schedule when it comes to our manufacturing process.

Ordering parts isn’t Dwindal’s only responsibility. He also deals with all of our vendors to get the parts we need and is responsible for finding new suppliers when we need them. He decides what vendors to go through to get certain parts and makes sure those parts are available from the vendor in time. In addition to making sure our vendors have the components we need in stock, he will also check the pricing and lead times for those items.

Although Dwindal has only been with us for six months, he has a significant amount of experience working in purchasing–over 12 years, in fact. His experience is quite varied as well. He has purchased rubber components for cars as well as chemicals for painting supply companies. This experience has made him a huge asset to our company. Not only does he have the organizational skills and know-how to stay on top of our component needs, but he has the communication and social skills required to build and maintain strong relationships with our vendors.

Dwindal also understands that we are a customer-oriented business and that we manufacture a wide variety of products that are new in the market and that are groundbreaking. As a result, one of our biggest challenges is dealing with items that have a long lead time. Many of the components that we need can be in high demand. Fortunately, Dwindal helps us maintain very strong relationships with our vendors, to the point where they hold stock for us — even if they are parts from overseas. This is a huge advantage in the electronic manufacturing industry.

As good as Dwindal is at his job, he also maintains an engaging personal life, which we certainly encourage all of our employees to seek out. Dwindal stays active by bowling, golfing, and playing some tennis on occasion. He also actively follows the Indians, Browns, and Cavs, and spends as much time as he can visiting with his three grandchildren and two adult children.

Although Dwindal has only been with us for six months, he has certainly exceeded our high standards. He holds a challenging position, but he’s certainly shown that he’s up to the task. We are proud to have him as part of our Levison Enterprises family and hope to have him as our buyer material planner for a long time to come.