Electronic Manufacturers Meet Unique Needs of Aerospace and Defense

Technological advances change the world and how we live in it. Things are possible now that weren’t even thought of just 10 years ago. But what happens when you need to continuously update technology in an end product that must last decades? That’s the unique challenge facing electronic manufacturing in the aerospace industry.Five military aircraft in flight on a bright sunny day with blue skies.

Custom electronic design service providers in the aerospace industry are called on to fit more technology into existing spaces. Furthermore, unlike other industries that are constantly changing, aerospace vehicles must remain operational for more than 30 years. This has OEMs relying on electronic design firms for research and development, engineering, and product design for innovation.

Cost-effective and Timely Solutions

For years the aerospace industry has been slow to adopt technology breakthroughs. It was expensive and time consuming to continuously upgrade vehicles. New technological advances are made at a rapid pace and there was not an efficient way for companies to adopt the technology as fast as it was being developed.

Enter custom electronic manufacturing services complete with design and engineering support.

Professional electronic design companies understand the unique needs of the defense and aerospace industries. Their engineering expertise allows new technology to be adapted and added to existing fleets.

Adding application advancements in existing vehicles is a cost-effective way to keep up with technological advancements and breakthroughs. This eliminates the need to develop and test an entirely new system.

Factoring in the Future

The rapid speed of innovation makes it necessary to look ahead instead of just reacting to current developments in technology. This has aerospace designers and engineers looking at vertical integration in aircrafts. This is a highly effective way to begin the transformation of existing vehicles.

Electronic design and manufacturing have become extremely innovative when it comes to upgrading and integrating new technology into assembly systems. Sophisticated software, manufacturing, and robotics on the production floor makes vertical integration possible.

Keeping Aerospace Electronic Design in the US

OEM’s can be tempted to outsource outside the U.S. for aerospace electronic design and manufacturing. Foreign firms often promise a lower price. But what is being sacrificed?

Keeping aerospace PCB design and production in the United States is the best way to ensure a high level of quality. Partnering with a U.S. company guarantees a certain level of oversight and accountability. Other reasons to work with a domestic firm for custom electronic design services include:

  • Quality – It’s impossible to know the type of quality you will receive when you outsource internationally. Poorly designed electronic parts from overseas could ruin your company’s reputation.
  • Intellectual Property Theft – American laws protecting your copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets do not apply in foreign countries. You run the risk of having your ideas stolen if you outsource overseas.
  • Hidden Costs – An international quote might look good on paper, but there are often additional costs involved with outsourcing to another country that aren’t always disclosed up front.
  • Communication Barriers – Communication breakdowns are common when dealing with a foreign custom electronic design service provider. Miscommunication means mistakes, missed deadlines, and not getting exactly what you want on a project when time and high quality is of the essence.

Although outsourcing overseas may seem to make sense, the risks far outweigh the reward.

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