Get Efficiency with Dedicated Project Managing From an Electronic Manufacturer

Get Efficiency with electronic manufacturing with a Dedicated Project Manager

The saying goes that if you want a job done right, do it yourself. But when it comes to getting your high tech and multifaceted manufacturing projects completed, it’s just not possible to do it yourself. You could research all the possible manufacturing and design options for every component in your design, but if efficiency is what you seek, an electronic manufacturer with a dedicated in-house project manager is your best bet. In fact, this may be the option that can truly compete with the high-quality results of doing it yourself.

How does a dedicated project manager impact your job?

Once the project is handed to your electronic contract manufacturer, the entire job will be broken down into any necessary subassemblies. These ideally would mostly be in-house, but some may involve external partners as well.

For anything in-house, the project manager begins overseeing that all training, processes, machinery are in place to make sure your project runs smoothly. The project manager’s first job is to make sure everything is in place to get you a quality and efficient project.

Within this planning phase, the project manager is responsible for training on each necessary subassembly. The project manager will generate work instructions for each and ensure that those who are completing the assembly will be trained and ready to complete it with a high degree of attention to detail.

During manufacturing, every employee in the build is accountable to the project manager and each will sign off on their work. The project manager is using this information to do all the necessary functional and quality checks. Then, the project manager can sign off on any internal quality controls that require inspection or review.

For example, during a larger cable assembly, the project manager will be continually testing or “beeping” the project. This leaves nothing to chance for the end project being perfectly functional and properly assembled.

Assembly is also when most of the functional testing will take place. Whether it’s testing small assemblies or conducting the final project testing, the project manager is holding the reigns to ensure all problems, big and small, have been ferreted out of your build.

Finally, the project manager is working on your behalf to make sure all documentation is filled out correctly. The paperwork is visually inspected to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Ultimately, the project manager is making sure your project is functioning like it should at every step of its build process.

It’s more than just getting the job done. It’s keeping you in the loop.

This work does not happen in a vacuum, though. All of the work is continually being communicated back to you. Problems mitigated, potential issues, timing, and all things concerning your project are communicated to you for your input and consideration. In effect, having a project manager puts another staff member on your team, working specifically on behalf of you and your build.

In theory, you could still do the project management yourself. It’s technically possible.

But a single project certainly isn’t the only thing on your plate. So even if you could manage all the training, documentation and testing, the rest of your workflow is sure to suffer as you get bogged down on completing a single build. Not only would you end the project with considerably less hair, the efficiency of the project would suffer immensely.

Quality is almost certainly something your project requires. Efficiency can sometimes get pushed to one of those “nice to have” things. But with a project manager and a high-quality electronic contract manufacturer, you can easily have both. With all the design, build and assembly options available in-house, the efficiency is baked right in.

Project Management and Efficiency at Levison Enterprises

Levison Enterprises is a prime example of quality and efficiency going hand in hand. Levison Enterprises takes pride in a quality product, but more, we take pride in doing it well. This doesn’t just mean you get what you need. It means you get it right, the first time, and on schedule.

We do this by employing project managers that understand your needs and the needs of your project. We build their team with dedicated staff who take pride in learning and mastering techniques that give to do their best work and give you the best possible product.

Efficiency isn’t just about getting your build done quickly. An efficient build eliminates problems before they arise and can act nimbly to correct issues that surface throughout the process. An efficient build will include clear and consistent communication so that any questions you have or changes that need to be made happen with fluidity in the overall process.

When considering the design, manufacturing and assembly home for your next build, consider Levison Enterprises to guarantee a high-quality assembly with a matching quality in efficiency. Perhaps we can even change that old saying – if you want something done right, call Levison Enterprises.