Does Your Project Need a Custom PCB?

Levison Enterprises functions as an extension of your technical team, working together to achieve your project goals. Many customers are the leaders in their field but may lack expertise in other areas required to make an entire product functional, reliable, and easy to manufacture. Our engineering team can help you get innovative products to market fast by filling in those gaps as an extension of your current team.

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On-site engineers provide your custom PCB assembly with a team of troubleshooting experts. Our engineers continuously monitor and test your project to uncover issues and promptly redesign before any potential problems lead to major setbacks.

Design excellence

Levison Enterprises is a full-service design to build manufacturer with redesigning capabilities. Our on-site engineers can take your project through a custom design process, including an assessment of where your concept may lack important aspects.  If you already have a custom design, we can still utilize our skills to assist with the design process.

More Than Design

Industry knowledge

You need an ECM partner that understands the specific requirements associated with your industry, as not all have experience in all industries. A partner who understands that compliance with industry laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications can affect each phase of the manufacturing process.


There are countless benefits to working with an ECM partner with quality certifications in place.  Quality certifications demonstrate that your ECM partner is continually working to improve their processes and systems. Improved systems and processes lead to better product quality and manufacturing efficiency.


Technology changes rapidly, causing some PCB components to become obsolete in the short amount of time between design and manufacturing. Our in-house engineers can quickly redesign your project using current, available components.

Optimize build

Having on-site engineers adds value by optimizing your project. We offer engineering solutions to streamline your legacy product design for better functionality while exceeding your requirements for quality, reliability, and cost.


During the prototyping process, our engineers will work out any kinks in the design before turning it over to production. Prototyping before manufacturing is a critical step in producing a quality finished product.

Small Scale or Large Scale

We believe it’s the process that matters, not the size. We can manufacture any number you need at the best possible price. We have the proper infrastructure in place needed to scale up production for large-scale assembly and can also handle small scale production runs.

Quality control

Quality control is a top priority at Levison Enterprises. Having a process in place mitigates problems, preventing mistakes, defects, and flaws in manufactured products. We integrate quality control throughout the entire PCB assembly process.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering plays an important role in updating a legacy product, battling parts obsolescence, or redesigning for better optimization. Reverse engineering allows your custom PCB designs to be upgraded with little to no interruption in the manufacturing process.

Packaging and Shipping Services

Your custom projects will need to be packaged and handled with the same level of care they were manufactured with. We know your product specifications and can choose the best shipping and packaging methods for your product, as well as ship them out for you.

Finding the Right Partner

A custom PCB gives you the opportunity to elevate your project to the next level. It’s important to find the right partner capable of handling the complexities of your project, no matter the size. The right partner should be a turn-key facility with on-site engineers who will see your project through from design to delivery.

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