Do Certifications Really Matter in Electronic Manufacturing?

If you want a quality experience and a quality end result from your ECM partnership, you should care about which certifications your ECM holds. They may not be required, but they do matter. There are many benefits to working with an ECM who holds certifications. You will know that you have a partner who chooses high-quality suppliers, uses high-quality parts, and has high standards for organizational efficiency. There are many benefits to choosing an ECM who holds certifications relevant to your industry.

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Certifications Set Standards

The certifying organization sets the standards for the industry, and the certifications mean that the company has met or exceeded the standards. The most common certification for an ECM to hold is ISO 9001, which requires companies to find innovative solutions for cost reduction and quality concerns. An ISO 9001 certified partner is committed to meeting and exceeding the standards for customer satisfaction. The staff will work together in a positive culture, producing high-quality products with efficient delivery. ISO 9001 certification means that the company is using evidence-based practices based on data, analytics, and evaluation criteria, and has quality relationships with suppliers and vendors. Certifications are designed to push manufacturers to exceed customer expectations.

Certifications Ensure Quality Suppliers and Parts

Looking for a certified partner means that all the parts and components used will be of the highest quality. Counterfeit parts are a real concern in many industries, and ECMs and suppliers who do not hold certifications may not have the same standards for parts. When you look for an ECM who holds certifications, you won’t need to worry about researching and investigating the trustworthiness or reliability of suppliers, because the company is already committed to high standards for parts procurement.

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Obtaining Certifications Shows Rigor

Relevant certifications are not easy to obtain. Both management and employees of the organization must put forth a great deal of effort and commitment to achieve certifications. While this not only demonstrates that the organization meets and exceeds the standards of the certifying organization itself, it shows current and future clients that the company is committed to continuous improvement and a high degree of excellence. If you are going through a certification process, you are taking a thorough look at all your processes and procedures, and that means you are always putting in the maximum effort for your customers. Yearly audits ensure that the company is consistently focused on excellence.

Your ECM Can Hold Many Different Certifications

There are several well recognized certifications in the manufacturing industry. Some of the most important certifications to look for include:

  •         AS9100 certified  – aerospace quality management system, providing greater part and product traceability through the design and manufacturing process.
  •         ISO9001 certified  – the most recognizable certification in the manufacturing industry, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  •         IPC and J Standard – workmanship certificates for soldering cables and circuit board assemblies.
  •         CMMC – developed by the DoD as a framework for assessing cybersecurity risks. The certification aligns practices with the standards for information protection.
  •         ISO13485 certified  – international standard for medical device manufacturing.
  •         ITAR registration – a set of regulations from the US State Department to control the import and export of defense related information and materials.

Using an ECM with certifications relevant to your project can make a big difference in the overall end product. When you choose a shop who has put the work into adopting the stringent quality processes required by the certifications, you know that you will be partnering with a shop with a strong focus on reliability and customer satisfaction. To learn more about how we can help you build a better device, contact Levison Enterprises for a quote.

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