Common Applications for Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

Multiple printed circuit boards in the assembly process.

More and more is expected from printed circuit boards as technology evolves. There is demand for smaller, lighter, and more powerful PCBs for a wide variety of applications.

Enter multilayer printed circuit boards.

Multilayer PCBs are a game changer for electronic manufacturers. These compact boards’ dense design allow for electronics to pack a powerful punch in a tiny footprint.

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Simply put, a multilayer PCB is a circuit board made of more than two layers. These versatile PCBs have at least three layers of copper coating or other conductive material.

To achieve the complexity of multilayer PCBs, through-hole technology is commonly used for connections. This helps achieve a high-density connection and helps when conductors must be routed through a small area.

Multilayer PCBs can be manufactured in both rigid and flexible assemblies.

Benefits of Multilayer PCBs

Although multilayer PCBs may seem complicated, there are clear advantages to choosing these circuit boards for your project. These benefits come from both a design and technical standpoint. They include:

· Space Saving: Multilayer PCBs pack a big punch in a small package. The layered design allows for a similar function of other boards in a much smaller footprint.

· Weight: Multilayer PCBs are extremely lightweight compared to their counterparts. This is due to the fact that multiple connectors are not needed.

· High Quality: Multilayer PCBs tend to be better in quality than other types of circuit boards. This is typically due to the amount of planning and work that goes into creating them.

· Reliability: The multiple layers of insulation between the circuit boards along with protective materials make multilayer PCBs extremely durable.

· More Powerful: Incorporating multiple layers in a single PCB increases functionality. The high-density assemblies in multilayer PCBs enable boards to be more conductive and reach a higher speed and bigger capacity.

These benefits make multilayer PCBs extremely useful in applications requiring circuit boards that are compact and lightweight yet have high functionality.

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Multilayer PCBs have become the preferred technology in many industries. Multilayer PCBs can be used in a wide variety of devices due to their versatility.

Common applications for multilayer PCBs include:

· Medical Devices – Healthcare is always looking to shrink the size of medical devices without compromising quality. The high functionality, small size, and low weight make multilayer PCBs ideal for the medical industry. Multilayer PCBs can be found in X-ray equipment, heart monitors, blood pressure and sugar testing devices, infrared temperature monitors, CAT scan equipment, and much more.

· Industrial Electronics – The small size, functionality, and durability of multilayer PCBs make them ideal for manufacturing and industrial applications to run machinery. They stand up to heat, temperature, pressure, shock, vibration, dust, humidity, and other environmental factors found in a variety of settings. Multilayer PCBs can be found in industrial robotics, automated assembly lines, automotive manufacturing, paint robots, packaging, and conveyors.

· Military – The durability, functionality, and weight of multilayer PCBs make them a favorite of the military. They are particularly useful in high-speed circuits used for military applications. Rugged multilayer PCBs meet the stringent requirements of the military because they can withstand harsh environments including high-altitude, high-pressure, and high-temperature conditions that may be damaging to other less rugged components.

· Aerospace – The aerospace industry demands precision and reliability from its PCBs. The boards must be able to handle changing environmental and atmospheric conditions. These are some of the challenges multilayer PCBs are built for. They can be found in aircraft defense systems, avionics, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

· Government/Defense – Multilayer PCBs are becoming a priority for many government and defense applications. Their compact design and high functionality make them perfect for high-speed and security-sensitive devices. Multilayer PCBs can be found in surveillance and radar systems.

Although multilayer PCBs tend to be more expensive to manufacture compared to other boards, it is a price these industries are willing to pay. The functionality, durability, and other advantages more than make up for the cost.

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