What is Your Electronic Manufacturer’s Obsolescence Management Plan?

January 26, 2021

When a PCB ages, some components on the board may no longer be available for replacement if needed. Obsolescence is when your electronic manufacturer or PCB has components that are past the point of repair or replacement, which can render an entire system dysfunctional. An obsolescence management plan will ensure that your product line is […]

Not All Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services are the Same

January 22, 2021

Outsourcing electronic design and manufacturing services to an industry partner is a smart decision for many companies. Deciding who to partner with can be a more difficult decision. Not all electronic design and manufacturing services are the same. There are some companies to steer clear of, and some companies who will be excellent long-term partners […]

Benefits of Partnering with an EMS Provider

January 20, 2021

Outsourcing to an EMS provider may be one of the best decisions your company may make. There are many benefits to partnering with an EMS provider. Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) consist of companies that manufacture, test, distribute, and repair electronic components and assemblies for OEMs. Outsourcing is very popular today, and, when looking at all […]

Mitigate Parts Obsolescence in Medical Device Manufacturing with a DFM

August 4, 2020

Patients often rely on electronics to increase their longevity. Their lives depend on medical devices that have long lives of their own. However, parts obsolescence in medical device manufacturing can complicate this. Many electronic components have life cycles which are shorter than that of the medical device in which they are used. Obsolescence of electronic […]

Benefits of Partnering with an Electronic Contract Manufacturer in the U.S.

June 29, 2020

There is a common misconception that you could save a lot of money by relying on foreign manufacturers for electronic contract manufacturing. Not only is this not true, but now more than ever before it’s important to work with a domestic ECM partner. Working with a manufacturer in the U.S. supports our economy. It keeps […]

Successful ECMs Streamline with a Continuous Improvement Process

May 30, 2020

Remember the proverb “waste not, want not?” It means if you use a resource carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need. Now, look at that philosophy from an electronic contract manufacturing standpoint. Could you trim some fat from your bottom line? There is nothing quite as frustrating as wasting time, money, and […]

Obsolete Parts is the Great Vulnerability in an Electronic Manufacturing Supply Chain

May 13, 2020

Counterfeits are everywhere. The electronic industry is particularly vulnerable. Electronic technology is rapidly changing, and sometimes it is hard for electronic manufacturers to keep up. The need to regularly source parts or complete a rapid redesign due to parts obsolescence only increases the risk of fakes making their way into your product. It may seem […]

Management of Parts Obsolescence in the Medical Device Industry

May 11, 2020

Parts obsolescence is already a big problem in the electronic industry. The fast pace of medical device development only compounds the trouble of hard to source components. Technology–especially medical technology–moves forward rapidly. And, in some cases, parts become obsolete before the final product is even finished. Essential parts become impossible to source. However, this does […]

Your Guide to Flex PCB Types in Electronic Manufacturing

May 8, 2020

The electronics industry is constantly evolving. There is a constant demand for products to do more in a much smaller package. Luckily, technology in the form of a flexible printed circuit board allows this to happen. Flexible PCBs are designed for saving room and allowing for a smaller and higher density mounting design. Because they […]

Parts Obsolescence Continues to Cause Headaches in Electronic Manufacturing

May 6, 2020

The electronic manufacturing industry has been battling the problem of parts obsolescence for decades. In an environment where the lifecycle of a component is shorter than the lifecycle of a product, part shortages lead to other headaches. Counterfeit electronic components entering the supply chain is one of the biggest issues resulting from hard-to-source parts. Manufacturers […]