Can Your ECM Handle Your Next Project?

Finding the right electronic contract manufacturer for your next project can be a challenge. How do you know if the ECM you choose can handle the project? Not all ECMs are created equal, and your project will have unique challenges. There are questions to ask that can lead you toward the right fit.

Can Your ECM Handle Your Next Project

Does Your ECM Use High Quality Equipment?Legacy - Square

Your ECM needs to have the right equipment, tools, and machinery to build the highest quality products. The technology your ECM uses will make a big difference in the quality of your product as well. When you are discussing your project with your ECM, talk about the equipment the ECM will be using and if they have the capabilities to handle your particular project.

Does Your ECM Have a Capable On-Site Engineering Team?

Without quality engineers overseeing the project, the best equipment won’t be enough for a successful project. Your ECM should have an engineering team in-house to support your project through all stages of development. In addition to an engineering team, the project managers and manufacturing teams need to be ready and capable for your project. When you are bringing your potential project to your ECM, make sure they have the full team on site and ready to handle the work.

Does Your ECM Offer Design Services?

You may have done the design work already. But choosing an ECM with design services will help your project succeed. During the prototyping stage of your project, an ECM with design services can tweak your design to better avoid issues, work with available components, and be designed for manufacturability. A turnkey facility with design services is more important than most companies realize.

More Than Design

Does Your ECM Have Vetted Suppliers and the Inventory to Complete Your Project?

Vetted suppliers are necessary to avoid counterfeit parts. Using counterfeit or low-quality parts can derail your project or provide you with a finished product that will not meet industry standards or requirements. Choosing an ECM who uses vetted suppliers avoids this issue altogether. Because inventory struggles are happening everywhere right now, it’s important to discuss component availability with your ECM prior to beginning your project. Your ECM may be able to make modifications to your design to ensure completion with no delays.

Does Your ECM Have the Right Certifications?

Certifications are important. When your ECM has the right certifications, it shows that they are dedicated to meeting industry regulations and standards and are committed to continuous improvement. In some industries, certifications are required to produce a product that will meet the regulations, and this cannot be ignored. Before beginning your next project, make sure your ECM has the right certifications for the job.

Does Your ECM Have the Right Experience in Your Industry?

General experience is good, but you need to make sure that your ECM has completed projects like yours in the past to verify that they can handle the unique challenges of your project. Talk to your ECM about projects they have handled that are similar in scope to your potential project and see how those projects were managed and completed.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are Crucial

Make sure the non-disclosure agreement has no holes that could compromise your company. This binding legal document prevents the ECM from taking information from your design and blueprints and using them with others. This agreement will help you feel confident that the ECM is working with you, not gathering information from you.

Unique Solutions for You

Your product is unique. Your company is unique. You have unique needs and goals for your product. You need to know that your ECM, although they have experience in your industry and with projects like yours, will find a personalized solution for your unique needs.

Start Your Quote Now!

Finding the right partner can put your project on the path to success. When looking for an ECM partner, it’s important to ask the right questions, but it’s also important to trust your instincts and look for a partner who will communicate well and make you feel like your project is in the best hands. Here at Levison Enterprises we offer turnkey electronic contract manufacturing complete with design and engineering services to build high-functioning and reliable PCBs for every application. Contact us today for a quote on your next project.