How an Experienced Electronic Manufacturer Builds Robust Cable Assemblies for Military and Aerospace Applications

More robust materials, such as insulations and jackets, are required for military applications. Unfortunately, not all cable assembly manufacturers understand this.

Robust cables are the heart of all sophisticated military electronic systems. Without them, military aircraft and troops in the desert could not maintain stable communication required to make every mission a success. The military needs cable assemblies as tough as the troops. More robust materials, such as insulations and jackets, are required for military applications. Unfortunately, not all electronic manufacturers understand this.

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Old-style military wires and cables just don’t cut it for today’s military. They must be rugged, light, and flexible and also meet the electrical performances required along with the environmental applications they will be used in. It is important to remember that cable assemblies can and will be used at high altitudes, and in a wide range of temperatures. Military cords and cables must be built to withstand harsh environments and continue to function in high vibration operations. They must also be adaptable so they can be used for both high and low voltage applications.

Key Characteristics

Failure is not an option for military cables. Several characteristics are the keys to their success including flexibility, durability, and customizations. A successful aerospace and/or military cable will be extremely flexible. It will be sturdy enough to withstand frequent stretching, twisting, and contracting with heavy use. It must also be durable enough to hold up to the stresses that come with continual use in harsh and consistently fluctuating environmental conditions. This may mean special connectors and tooling are needed during manufacturing to create strain relief.

In addition, some cables may need to be customized for specific applications, such as marine and air usage. This could mean designing and manufacturing a cable that can stretch between airplanes or operate continuously under water. This will require a cable assembly manufacturer with sharp engineers that can go the extra mile to ensure a project’s success.

Dependability and Testing

It is not enough just to have a military tough cable assembly for military and aerospace applications. It must be dependable and offer continuity and signal integrity no matter what the conditions are. Every piece of equipment must meet rigorous specifications. This is why testing should be performed on cables to ensure quality and functionality. Cables should be subjected to several rounds of testing throughout the manufacturing process. This should include electrical and performance testing. In addition, there should be random testing of final products in order to validate earlier testing.

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Military Standards

The government requires quality of its electronics. There are a multitude of specs and standards that must be met. It is important for a manufacturer to meticulously follow specifications and requirements for military and aerospace applications. Levison Enterprises maintains the highest quality product while meeting the exacting standards of military specifications. Our exclusive AS9100 certification for the aerospace and defense industry sets us apart from the competition. Our extensive military and defense experience makes us a perfect fit for your next project. Contact Levison Enterprises today to talk about how we can help you with your next military cable assembly project.

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