Benefits of Full-Service Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

Cable and wire harness built by an electronic contract manufacturer.

If you are in electronic manufacturing, you know how important the right components can be to your finished product. If the backbone of your manufactured goods aren’t strong, your reputation is on the line. That’s why having a cable and wire harness assembly partner you can trust is so important. Having a rock-solid partner to handle your ECM needs frees you to worry about other things more important of your time.

Levison Enterprises is that cable and wire assembly partner, for a number of reasons.

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It all starts with vetted suppliers and a strong supplier network. Sketchy suppliers delivering components that maybe aren’t quite top-of-the-line can open you up to a whole host of issues. Nobody wants counterfeit parts in their finished goods, and with good reason. High failure rates can drive production costs through the roof, and degrade consumer trust in what you are building. It’s a recipe for disaster. Let the other guy have those headaches. Always opt for the manufacturer with the vetted supply chain that can be traced in detail.

Don’t put too much weight in the manufacturers that promise you turnaround times that seem almost too good to be true, either. Getting your project done fast is a nice benefit, but the inevitable question becomes how many corners were cut? It’s better to find a trusted partner that may take a bit more time to complete your project, but does it right the first time. That’s what you’ll get with Levison Enterprises – a dedication to getting it right the first time.

Troubleshooting on the Fly

At Levison, we’re a turnkey service. We take you from the design stage all the way through testing and delivery. You’ll know the status of your project and have prototypes to assess before you take final delivery. Our focus is on getting things right the first time, with the realization that there may be steps along the way where our on-site engineers need to spot errors on the fly. You’ll know what you are getting from Levison before you take delivery of the final product, because you’ll be involved with the process from beginning to end.

Cable & Wire Harness

Experience is Paramount

Flexibility is not just something we manufacture into our cable assemblies, it’s how we approach every project. Whether designing an assembly from scratch, or reverse engineering a previous project, our team has the experience and the know-how to see it through from beginning to end.

In addition, Levison carries the certifications necessary for high-end government and military projects. No matter what environment you are producing for, we’ve got the capability with quality certifications to back it up.

When in search of a full-service cable and wire harness assembly manufacturer for your next big project, look no further than Levison Enterprises. With our complete turnkey service available all under one roof, you can be confident our reputation for customer service and our high level of experience will make the difference for you. Contact us today.

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