Benefits of Custom Cable Assembly

Close up of a custom cable assembly.

When a generic cable assembly isn’t fitting your needs perfectly, it may be time for you to consider stepping up to a custom cable assembly that is designed, engineered, and manufactured for your specific needs. There are a number of advantages to going the custom-design route, and all of them bring benefits to your project.

If your cable assembly needs involve complicated applications, a custom assembly can be your best option. Trying to retrofit an off-the-shelf assembly may seem to answer all your needs in the short-term. However, high-quality cables and a design suited specifically to your needs will save you time and time is money. The hassle on the back end to retro-fit something that is already put together just doesn’t make sense anymore.

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Initially you may believe that buying an off-the-shelf solution is more cost-effective than having something custom-made. However, you need to factor in more than just the cost of the assembly when tallying the full cost of trying to adapt a generic solution to your specific needs.

Custom cables will accomplish the task of creating exactly what you need the assembly to do. They are manufactured to your specific requirements, so there’s no extra cable, no worries about cable run length, or cable quality. You’re buying exactly what you need. Installation is clean and tidy as well.


For telecommunications, medical, or government cable assemblies, a custom assembly means quality standards. There are no worries about the quality of the cable. Accuracy is built into the custom assembly, meaning no security or performance headaches.

For a turnkey service like that of Levison Enterprises, all work is done under one roof. There are no third-party problems to crop up late in manufacturing that can throw the whole project out the window. Because everything from the beginning of the project to the end happens under our team’s watchful eyes, we can guarantee the quality of your custom cable assembly.


Every component in a custom cable assembly is up to you. It’s not just wire quality and length, but jacket color, insulation, and cable protection as well. Your custom cable assembly will meet your specifications, with no rolling the dice on what might work.

Assembly and repairs are much easier to handle with a custom cable assembly that will be the same from component to component. Even the manufacturing process can be individualized for your direct benefit. The bottom line is clear. It’s your cable assembly with your name on it, and it’s important it meets your expectations and level of quality.

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Prototyping and Testing

There’s no question about the capabilities of a custom cable assembly because when you take delivery, it’s already been tested in your specific application to ensure it’s got the fit, finish, and functionality you desire. There are no moment-of-truth surprises. Even if your needs are complicated and highly specialized, a custom cable assembly represents a custom-fit assembly with performance to your specific demands, not what some other assembly manufacturer decided.

Cost and Time Savings

It is true that up-front costs may be a bit more with a custom cable assembly solution, but in the long run you will make that money back. What’s more, because your assembly is built to your specs, there’s also a time savings built-in. No retrofitting the assembly to your application is needed, and you know that every assembly is going to work right out of the box.

Custom cable assemblies, especially for sensitive government or security applications, are always the best solution. Contact Levison Enterprises and find out just how cost-effective a custom cable assembly for your next project will be.

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