Benefits of a Domestic Turnkey ECM for Your Rigid-Flex PCB

PCB manufacturing and assembly with a domestic turnkey company.

Turnkey manufacturing is the smart choice for printed circuit board development and manufacturing. And partnering with a domestic turnkey ECM for your rigid-flex PCB is a great way to go.

Instead of outsourcing various stages of your PCBs to multiple locations – and possibly different countries – turnkey manufacturing is a one-stop-shop. This full-service manufacturing process provides everything you need when it comes to manufacturing and supply chain services. This includes design, fabrication, installation, aftermarket support, and technical support.

Domestic turnkey manufacturing gives you the expertise and service of multiple contractors under one roof and comes with a multitude of benefits for your rigid-flex PCB project.

One Point of Contact

The biggest benefit of working with a domestic turkey manufacturer is the fact you only have one service provider to deal with. You only have one point of contact for all of your needs. All you have to do is pick up the phone-your questions will be answered and your project needs will be met.

Turnkey manufacturing streamlines the entire process. From design and development to assembly and shipping, it is all done under one roof. This also means there will only be one quote, one bill, and one person you must deal with if and when changes must be made.

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Faster Process from Concept to Finished product

Rapid Development is the epitome of turnkey manufacturing. Time is saved when everything is under one roof. You are not spending time and energy gathering quotes for various stages of the PCB manufacturing process. Your turnkey provider handles it all for you with efficiency and ease.

Nothing Gets Lost in Translation

Nothing torpedoes the most carefully planned project faster than a communications breakdown. That’s the risk you take when several companies are working on one project. You need to communicate with each of them and they need to communicate with each other. This takes a lot of time and some important details can fall between the cracks.

Turnkey PCB manufacturing eliminates the risk of a communication gap. You only need to talk with one company in order to get the job done.

On-Site Engineers

You will always have eyes on the user experience with turnkey rigid-flex board manufacturing. Engineers are standing by at each stage of production and watching to detect any issues that arise. This is extremely important so you can catch errors early and troubleshoot when they can be corrected easily and with less expense.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering could be a bonus that comes with turnkey PCB board manufacturing. If you have a legacy project that needs updated or requires a retrofit, your manufacturing partner’s team engineers can strip it down in order to find a solution. This is especially handy in times of parts obsolescence.

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Vetted Suppliers

Another big perk of turnkey manufacturing is the existing vendor relationships your ECM comes with. No doubt they already have a great network of vetted suppliers. They will be able to locate hard to find components and negotiate a great price on your behalf. And because the vendors have already proven themselves to your manufacturing partner, you know you will be getting top quality parts.

Turnkey Manufacturing for You

In the end, a domestic turnkey manufacturing partner will allow you to complete a large project successfully with lots of benefits and little headache. A domestic turnkey ECM for your rigid-flex PCB project can and will do as much as you need them to in order to ensure your boards are the best they can be.

If you are looking for turnkey solutions for your printed circuit boards, consider Levison Enterprises. Your partnership with Levison comes with a guarantee. We guarantee your project will be completed with the greatest attention to detail and quality. And we guarantee you will be pleased with the result.

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