Avoid Manufacturing Delays with Innovative PCB Design Services

Cutting costs to save money in the design phase of your PCBA process often leads to greater expenses and delays later when errors are discovered and need to be fixed. Manufacturing delays are something that every company wants to avoid. Delays can mean missed deadlines, increased costs, and frustrated customers. Partnering with an ECM who can assist you in the design phase of your project can help you avoid manufacturing delays due to design errors and get your product to market faster.

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Flaws that Can Delay Manufacturing

There are several flaws that can delay manufacturing. These include:

  • Component Issues

Components that are not available or obsolete can significantly delay manufacturing. Designers unaffiliated with the manufacturing process may unknowingly choose components that slow the process down while the components are sourced.

More Than Design

  • Physical Parameters

Design outlines may need to be revisited due to manufacturing limitations. Designing a PCB layout without consulting with the shop that will handle the manufacturing can cause delays as the layout is adjusted.

  • Component Placement

There is a process known as design for manufacturing (DFM), which works the design into the most efficient manufacturing methods. If DFM is ignored, production costs can go up and timelines may be delayed as you solve the issue during assembly.

  • Trace Routing

Improper width and spacing is one of the most common design problems. Design rules and constraints will help avoid these problems.

  • Power and Ground Planes

Power delivery cannot be treated as an afterthought. It needs to be considered in the initial design, or signal return paths can be blocked, requiring a total redesign.

  • Full System Design

Designers need to be focused on the entire system, not simply one PCB design. If a designer doesn’t have the big picture in mind, the full system can have significant problems later.

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The Importance of a Turnkey ECM with Design Services

When you find the right ECM to partner with, you can avoid the majority of these errors that can delay your PCB manufacturing. When you choose a turnkey facility with engineers on site, multi-industry experience, and design services, you will have everything you need to ensure your product is designed in the best way possible for ease of manufacturing. When you are working on the design with the company who will be building your boards, you will know that they have the ability to manufacture those boards without issue. Even when you come in with a design in place, the on-site engineers can tweak the design to best match the capabilities of the manufacturing equipment and components available, which will help to avoid increased costs and lengthy delays. Should a manufacturing issue arise, the engineers on-site can quickly address those issues without a significant loss of time.

Find an ECM with the Right Equipment and Processes

Choosing the cheapest option may look like it will best serve your bottom line, but if your ECM doesn’t have the equipment to properly assemble your product, any potential savings you experience initially will be gone. When you choose an ECM with design services, you will know that the ECM has the equipment to manufacture those designs. In addition to the equipment, an ECM who is invested in continuous improvement practices will have the right up-to-date knowledge to manufacture even the most cutting-edge product.

Does Your ECM Provide Reverse Engineering Services?

Reverse engineering is an excellent way to preserve legacy designs. When you are looking for a partner, look for an ECM who can provide reverse engineering services.  They will quickly be able to identify the components and potential issues in any design and work through those issues without significant delays to get your product to market quickly.

When you partner with an ECM who offers innovative design services, you’ll avoid costly errors and delays throughout the assembly process. Designing your product with manufacturing in mind from the start will ensure your product will move through manufacturing efficiently with a quality end-product.

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Levison Enterprises offers design support with turnkey manufacturing. A partnership with us will ensure your product is designed for manufacturing and you’ll avoid costly errors that could delay your project. We can take your project from an idea to a finished product. Our turnkey shop with vast industry knowledge and capabilities will help you create the best possible design, keep your assembly on budget, and your timelines in check. For more information about how we can provide electronic design support for your next project, contact us today.