Are You Satisfied with Your ECM’s Quality Assurance Plan?

Quality assurance should be the top priority when choosing an ECM partner. Knowing that your ECM has a defined quality assurance plan can give you confidence that your partner places importance on high-quality manufacturing. To maintain your reputation, choose an ECM that prioritizes quality assurance in their manufacturing process.

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Does Your ECM Have On-Site Engineers?

On-site engineers are essential for quality assurance. When you have an engineer involved in the process from the beginning, the project will be set up for success. On-site engineers provide the knowledge and expertise necessary to improve designs, prevent problems before they arise, troubleshoot throughout the process, and ensure a successful product at completion.

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Does Your ECM Have Risk Management Practices in Place?

A comprehensive risk management plan begins with risk assessment. Risk assessments can catch problems before they occur. Risk management involves evaluating and forecasting potential errors prior to manufacturing. This can lead to identifying ways to streamline your design to minimize unforeseen complications. A quality assurance plan includes forecasting the need for and obtaining the required components for any PCB build prior to accepting the project. Catching all risks and potential issues before they impact production is a smart management plan to have in place, and one that the ECM you partner with should have.

Does Your ECM Have In-House Inspections?

In-house inspections demonstrate that your ECM partner has a commitment to continuous improvement and is inspection ready at any given time. An ECM that adheres to inspection guidelines understands the standards and requirements that need to be met and ensures that they are both meeting and exceeding those standards.

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Does Your ECM Carry the Proper Certifications?

Certifications aren’t optional. Certifications are the proof that your ECM partner has the skills, equipment, and the capabilities to handle your manufacturing needs. Special certifications are further proof that your ECM partner is ready for your particular needs and will ensure that your design and manufactured product meets all industry standards and regulations. Without certification, there is no accountability for the quality and reliability of the product.

Does Your ECM Have a Traceability System?

A Track, Trace, and Control (TTC) system is crucial for quality assurance. Your ECM should have an advanced traceability system in place to prevent errors, particularly in human-critical tasks, as well as regulating processes. This means that quality is controlled, and the products built will be safe and reliable. A TTC system will also provide the lifecycle records that are important in case of a product recall. They track components, provide visibility into the manufacturing process, collect real-time data, and record human handling. This will reduce human error through accountability.

Does Your ECM Have Continuous Improvement Practices?

An ECM with documented practices for continuous improvement is one who understands the importance of quality assurance. As the electronic industry evolves and changes, a continuous improvement plan demonstrates the willingness and commitment to evolve along with the industry. Continuous improvement practices mean that the ECM partner you’ve chosen is constantly evaluating and improving, and your project will be better for it.

Does Your ECM Have PFMEA?

PFMEA is a Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. It is occasionally referred to as “failure mode”, and it is the process of reviewing components, assemblies, and systems to identify potential failures. The potential failures are recorded and can help the engineers assure quality by identifying all potential problems early in the process when it’s less costly to fix.

Before choosing your ECM partner, check for quality assurance practices and ask questions about how they ensure every build will produce a reliable product for your end users. Lack of quality assurance in your ECM can give your company a reputation of manufacturing unreliable and unsafe products. Taking the time to thoroughly vet your ECM before entering into a partnership will be well worth your time.

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