Are You Considering a Box Build for Your Next Project?

Box builds can range from single printed circuit boards enclosed in plastic to complex systems inside rugged metal shells. A box build is much more than a simple PCB. Box builds include subassemblies, mechanical components, wiring, cables, and installation in the enclosure. The complete, integrated system will be delivered to your customer, so when outsourcing, you need to consider what you will need from your ECM partner.

Electrician connecting a box build assembly.

Look for an ECM Who Offers Design Assistance

Design assistance, including a DFM analysis, from on-site engineers is very helpful in box builds. Working with the engineers throughout the design process allows the project team to effectively plan for your box build. As with other electronic design projects, you will need accurate CAD and Gerber files and a BOM, but you will need to be more thorough with what you include for a box build than you might for a simple PCB. What works for a PCB doesn’t always work for a box build. Design assistance from on-site engineers can direct you to what you will need for the best end product. The engineering team will analyze the CAD file, Gerber files, and BOM to ensure that everything can be manufactured successfully. They will likely need even more information from you during the design process, such as dimensions and circuit diagrams.

Your ECM Should Have Experience in Similar Jobs

The ECM you partner with needs to have the knowledge, experience, and technical capabilities to handle the box build you need. Not every ECM can handle a complex box build. When you look at outsourcing, find a company who has handled projects similar to the one you have. You need to find a company who has experience with box builds and is capable of the standards you are looking for. Can your ECM complete your box build on time and within your budget? Asking the right questions before you contract services is always important, but even more so with box builds.

Cable & Wire Harness

Does Your ECM Offer Prototyping Services?

Prototyping is important in many ECM projects, but even more so in box builds. This is where a turnkey ECM with on-site engineers can also help. Some ECMs don’t offer prototyping to the level that you need, and with a box build, you need that prototyping to see both the size and functionality of the end product. An ECM with an on-site engineering team capable of prototyping and testing will ensure your project meets all the standards and requirements necessary before a full production run. It will also allow the team to identify any costly errors before you get too far into the project. Errors caught early can save your timeline and your budget. With an on-site engineering team, errors can be found and addressed quickly. If your project needs to be redesigned and tested again, it all happens in one shop.

Box builds are incredibly useful for protecting complex PCBs, and finding the right partner to outsource to is important to the ultimate success of the project. Finding the right ECM with the right design assistance, experience, technical capabilities, prototyping, and engineering services in place can make a big difference in your next box build. Levison Enterprises is a full service domestic turnkey ECM. Our industry standards and experience makes us the right partner for your next box build. To learn more about our capabilities and to discuss your next project, contact us today.

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