7 Questions to Ask Electronic Manufacturers Before Outsourcing

Outsourcing to the right electronic manufacturer is important for product assembly. Choosing the right company to partner with can be challenging. The wrong partner can delay or even derail your project. When looking for a printed circuit board manufacturing partner, there are questions to ask to determine if the partner you’re considering is the right fit.

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1. Are You Certified?

This may be an obvious question, but it’s important to ask. Outsourcing your product assembly to a printed circuit board manufacturer who doesn’t have the correct certification is never a good idea. The certification means that the printed circuit board manufacturers who carry it consistently provide services and products that meet regulatory requirements.

2. Do You Have Supply Chain Management in Place?Legacy - Square

Supply chain visibility is important. It allows a company to match replacement parts, avoid counterfeit components, track production, verify processes, and recall products if needed. The partner you choose for a printed circuit board manufacturer should offer full traceability of the parts and components used in product assembly.

3. Are you Turnkey?

Turnkey (end-to-end product assembly), as opposed to “design and build” (where the design is separate from the construction and implementation), has many benefits, including:

  •   Reduced total time by having just one process.
  •   Reduced cost by integrating all the elements under one provider.
  •   Minimizing change orders, which will reduce cost increases.
  •   The peace of mind of handing the responsibility of a project to just one contractor.
  •   The capability to provide all services required, from sourcing parts, to testing, to packing and shipping.

4. Which Industries Do You Have Experience Providing Product Assemblies For?

Experience in your industry is key to high-quality product assembly. A partner that understands your industry will have the knowledge, practices, and technology to give you a high-quality product assembly. If a partner has experience and knowledge across a vast industry spectrum it can indicate a high level of expertise, knowledge, and service, even if they haven’t built a product exactly like yours.

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5. How Do You Feel About Your Product Assembly Technology?

The levels of performance, efficiency, and productivity that you can expect can be determined by the product assembly machinery and technology that your printed circuit board manufacturer uses. Providing the latest product assembly machinery and technology shows that the partner you are considering values accuracy, attention to detail, quick turnaround, and evolving dynamics.

6. Do You Have Vetted Suppliers?

The relationship between a supplier and the printed circuit board manufacturer is very important. As a partner, you need to make sure that the printed circuit board manufacturer you choose is able to source quality parts and components quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively every time you place an order. The reliability of the printed circuit board manufacturer you partner with is based on them having a comprehensive, dependable, and vetted supplier network to rely on.

7. Can You Provide Case Studies?

Relevant and up-to-date case studies and testimonials will give you insight into the printed circuit board manufacturer you are considering partnering with. Case studies and testimonials contain information that should strengthen the credibility of the company you are considering. Most quality manufacturers are happy to provide this information.

When you do find the right company to partner with, it can be the beginning of a successful relationship that is beneficial to both of you. Taking the time to ask the right questions and find out everything you can about the partner you are considering is the best way to begin. Levison Enterprises has the knowledge, experience, and certifications to handle your next PCB project. Our capabilities span across many industries, and our turnkey services will keep your project on time and on budget. Our commitment to quality and high standards have made us an industry leader. We look forward to talking with you about your next project. Contact us today.

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