7 Myths About Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly

A lot goes into choosing an ECM partner. When you are selecting a company to outsource your manufacturing, it’s important to avoid the common myths and mistakes that many make. Many different factors determine the cost of your project. When comparing bids, rather than focusing all your attention on the bottom line, compare what the ECM partner can do for you and your project.

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1. Lowest Cost is the Best Option


As in nearly every industry, you get what you pay for. The lowest quote isn’t always the right choice for your project. Going with a lower quality ECM partner to save money initially can end up costing you more in the end.

2. Choosing an ECM Who Works with a Competitor Isn’t a Good Idea


It can be hard to reconcile the thought of working with the same ECM as a competitor, particularly if you pride yourself on the comparison of your products. Yet you should not rule out any ECM as a potential partner, even if they are used by a competitor. There are many factors that go into your final product, and you will have multiple opportunities throughout the process for differentiation and value addition.

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3. Fastest Timeline is the Best Choice


Lowest time to market is certainly a tempting option. Time to market can determine your business margin, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing an ECM partner. The best time to market may mean that your product quality declines, and this will hurt both your profits and reputation. Timeline is certainly a consideration, but take a balanced approach when making your choice.

4. The Bigger the ECM, the Better They Will Be as a Partner


Bigger isn’t always better. The best choice you can make in deciding on an ECM is the partner who is the right size for your project. If you choose a bigger ECM than necessary, you may find yourself without the attention your project needs, and, depending on the project, may find that your costs are high and the quality is lower.

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5. Combine Your Product Development and Design with Manufacturing


Product development and manufacturing are two separate processes and should remain that way. Some companies may try to package development and design with their manufacturing, but this is rarely successful. Focus on keeping product development and manufacturing as two separate processes and seek to refine each.

6. An ECM Will Do All the Work For You

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Electronic contract manufacturing is a challenging business that works best with a strategic outsourcing plan that aligns your operations with your ECM partner. OEMs need to understand their role in the process to best develop the relationship and the ultimate result.

7. Technical Know-How Is the Most Important Aspect


Technical competency is important. An ECM that has in-depth knowledge and resources can be very tempting when choosing a partner. However, be careful of putting too much weight on the technical aspect of the job. Remember: you are choosing a partner. Make sure your overall strategy aligns with your ECM partner.

Choosing the right ECM partner is key to the success of your product. When making your choice, the best strategy is not to put too much emphasis on any one aspect, such as cost, delivery timeline, technical know-how, or distinction from your competitors. The best way to choose an ECM partner is to step back, look at the big picture, and choose the right ECM for your product. Levison Enterprises has vast industry knowledge and our design services coupled with on-site engineering can take your product to the next level. Contact us today for a quote.