3 Reasons To Reverse Engineering For Parts Obsolescence

3 Reasons To Reverse Engineer For Parts Obsolescence

You know you have a great product, but as times change, perhaps the product must also change a little. A big issue we face as an electronic manufacturer is parts obsolescence. This means there is a continuous need to update successful product designs. Tweaking and troubleshooting a successful product does not equate to reinventing the wheel, and you don’t need to rely on pre-made parts because you can fabricate the components you need. How, you ask? It is achieved with some simple reverse engineering.

The reverse engineering process involves deconstructing the product to reveal its design and discover what makes it work. From there a new part can be made that meets the same specs. Reverse engineering an obsolete part allows you to get a component for an already proven product without a complete redesign. You also control the quality, so you know the part will fit your strict standards.

Need more convincing? Here are three reasons to reverse engineer your product for parts obsolescence.

1. Reduce CostsReverse ENG Square

Take a look at your parts. Are any parts “end of life” or no longer being produced? Obsolescent parts and parts reaching the end of their production life are generally not as widely available. Less availability usually means higher cost and a larger counterfeit part market. There could be a part substitution that can save you money and eliminate the risk of counterfeit parts.

2. Increase the Quality of Your Parts

Some internal parts on your PCB assembly may not have been designed to be used the way they are being used, but they were the only parts available at the time they were designed. They may burn out quicker and need to be replaced. Reverse engineering not only finds a way to replace that component, but can make your parts work even better and last longer. This will increase not only the quality of the part but also the overall quality of your product. Be sure to partner with an ECM that uses vetted suppliers so you know exactly where all your parts are coming from.

3. Increase the Efficiency of Your Product

Have you considered upgrading the internal technology on your PCB assembly? There may be a way to replace two or more parts with one part that can perform many functions and decrease the size of your assembly.8 Key Things to Know eBook CTA - Full

Reverse engineering has the potential to slim your board footprint. Engineers will work with you to determine the exact use of the part and how it needs to perform. The best engineering teams will find ways to make it work more efficiently and increase the performance of your product.

Reverse Engineering at an Affordable Price

A quality electronic contract manufacturer like Levison Enterprises can help you achieve this. Levison Enterprises’ expert design team can take obsolete components, disassemble them to see how they work, and find new ways for you to manufacture those parts for less and with increased quality. You save time, money, and get your product out to your customers quickly. Contact Levison Enterprises today to see how we can put our reverse engineering services to work for you.

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