When a legacy device or project goes down, often the original PCB or Gerber files might not be available. Reverse engineering services at Levison Enterprises are the solution to meld the old technology with the new and also aids in component obsolescence becoming less of a problem.

Retrofitting and Reverse Engineering Services

Levison employee working with wiringComponent obsolescence and the rapid advancement of technology are among the biggest challenges for electronic device manufacturers. Widely used parts can’t be manufactured quickly enough or may be unavailable. Designers and manufacturers need to find a way around component obsolescence, and seeking alternative parts is typically the solution. However, completely replacing a component is not always cost-effective. The solution is retrofitting or reverse engineering, which will allow older technology to adapt to newer specifications with widely available parts. Retrofitting and/or reverse engineering can help bring older technology up to date, help that technology meet new performance standards, and streamline older product designs to contemporary configurations.

Legacy Products

Why bother retrofitting old technology when you can develop new technology? Although the advances in technology are significant, many older products still fit within modern systems. In many cases, a legacy product will only require slight adjustments to stay functional. To save on costs and keep an existing product viable longer, reverse engineering or retrofitting is a great solution. An old design can be revitalized by a team of engineers who know how to work with an existing product and reverse engineer a new solution.