Levison Enterprises Can Handle the Most Complex Product Packaging Orders

At Levison Enterprises, while we specialize in printed circuit boards, electronic component design and assembly, and rapid prototyping, we also understand the value of high-quality product packaging.

Electronic components are highly susceptible to electrical discharges, static electricity, and rapidly fluctuating temperatures. Our product packaging ensures the products you order from Levison Enterprises withstand shipping securely and arrive ready for implementation.

Packaging supplies

Our Packaging Services

At Levison Enterprises, we judge our success by yours. We want to help you create the best finished electronic products possible, and your project isn’t finished until your customer receives it.

Our product packaging services include specialized boxes and packing materials. This helps ensure safe transit while cutting down on wasted boxes and packing materials. Instead of clumsy prefabricated boxes, we offer customized product packaging that perfectly fits the products you order from Levison Enterprises.

It’s important to invest wisely in the packaging for your products. Whether your items require special antistatic foam, bags, or other packaging materials, Levison Enterprises can help find a solution that works for your brand. We use the most trusted brands of antistatic packaging materials to ensure your products arrive safely at their destinations.

Instead of ordering in bulk, you can provide faster shipping to your customers by allowing us to ship for you. This saves you time and money.

Every client is different, and we go to great lengths to ensure our product packaging services meet every clients’ needs.

Why Work with Levison Enterprises?

Our commitment to our clients’ success speaks for itself.

At Levison Enterprises, we know how to craft functional, reliable components for small to medium volume projects, and we offer a range of packaging services to help our clients get their products into customers’ hands faster and with less expense, safely.

Contact Levison Enterprises today and see how we can work together to create a packaging and shipping solution for your next assembly or build.