The healthcare landscape changes more quickly than most, especially as technology evolves. If you have a business idea that is going to change the way we enhance health and treat disease, we’re here to help you achieve your goal by reinforcing your mobility and medical manufacturing capabilities.

The emergence of health electronics can help produce better health outcomes for all, and Levison Enterprises is the trusted partner that helps you bring your life-enhancing idea to the market and operate solutions that advance its viability.

We offer a wide range of medical and mobility services that can help you change the face of healthcare.

Superior Product Development Services

Do you have an idea that needs a little more fine-tuning?

Levison Enterprises can help you design and build your vision.

If you already have a concept, we can provide drawing and specifications while making suggestions that will optimize your production process and your product’s efficiency. We also offer rapid prototyping services that bring your ideas to life and wow your stakeholders.

Manufacturing Services for Your Concept

Medical technology CT scanLevison Enterprise’s team of production experts take your concept and bring it to reality by handling even the most complex designs.

We can provide small to high volume prototyping, mixed technology solutions, programmable devices, through-hole assembly, Rigid and Flex processing, double and single sided surface mounting, BGA and PGA placement and much more.

Healthcare is a high-risk industry by nature. Levison Enterprise’s quality assurance techniques help ensure accuracy, control, and transparency throughout the entire scope of our projects, which helps minimize the presence of errors or malfunctions that can affect crucial operations.

Superior Commitment to Quality

AS9100C CertificationIn the healthcare industry, reliability and efficiency are more than just important – they can make a difference in health outcomes.

We take this concept very seriously and maintain stringent quality certifications – like the AS9100 and ISO 9001 – that help ensure that your product meets your exact specifications.

We also employ our own independent auditing process that adds an extra layer of protection to your finished product.

Your Trusted Medical Device and Mobility Partner

Levison Enterprises is more than simply an electronic contract manufacturer – we’re a partner that helps your company improve the health of the entire nation. If you have an idea that will change the world, we want to help you fulfill it.

We provide the highest quality engineering, design, and manufacturing services that help you accomplish your business goals.

Let us help you change the face of healthcare.

Levison Enterprises is the leading electronic contract manufacturer when it comes to excellence, attention to detail, and cost efficiency. Contact us today and request a free quote to get started.