Check and Optimize Your PCB Design Before Production with our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Engineering Analysis

A DFM engineering analysis of your PCB design can cut down the time, cost, and risks associated with delivering your quality, reliable product. As a trusted electronic contract manufacturer, Levison Enterprises offers a free DFM engineering analysis of your PCB design.

We look over your PCB for:

  • Parts Overview
  • Optimized Design for Function
  • Design For Manufacturing
  • Finishes and Aesthetics

Levison Enterprises’ team of engineers can look over your printed circuit boards and help you identify any potential complications that may arise in your design. Let the Levison team give you a second set of eyes and have peace of mind before you go into production on your PCB assembly.

Fill out the form and experience the difference Levison Enterprises can bring to your electronic assembly.

If you would like to send classified or protected files please email [email protected], first to arrange a protected transfer of files.