Levison Enterprises’ story starts with Electro Plasma Incorporated and the Metcalf Field Airport, now known as Toledo Executive Airport.

Humble Beginnings

Between the 1970s and the early 2000s, Electro Plasma Incorporated operated a plasma display manufacturing facility in one of the original Metcalf Field terminals. The technology and demand for plasma displays boomed in the late twentieth century, but as LCD technology gradually replaced plasma, Electro Plasma turned its focus to electronic engineering and assembly.

Employee Turned Owner

Eventually, Electro Plasma transitioned their plasma line to a well-known retailer and an Electro Plasma employee, David Levison purchased the business in 2008. A core group of Electro Plasma employees that included Judy Warfield, Kay Seiple, Ed Anderson, and Jim Bubenko continued the business, along with David, under the name EPI Global. The company was later renamed Levison Enterprises.

Expansion and Growth

Soon, Levison needed additional space for new manufacturing equipment. With existing customers increasing their business, new manufacturing customers being added, and the addition of government and defense contracts, by 2014, Levison was ready to move to a new location.

In 2014, Levison Enterprises built and moved into the building it now calls home. The 15,000 square foot facility houses Levison Enterprises’ office, manufacturing, and inventory areas.

Our product safety, inventory, and manufacturing areas are coated with an ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe epoxy that prevents damage to ESD sensitive electronic components.

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